NJHIC #13VH03495400

NJHVAC #R19HC0035500

Now is the time to winterize your heating system. With the addition of antifreeze to your heating pipes in a hot water baseboard system, you can be worry free in the event of a power failure. Pipes can’t freeze and burst once they are protected with antifreeze, so your walls, furniture and carpets are safe. Antifreeze in the heating pipe system also means instant heat when the power returns!


Our Web Special was such a success last season we have decided to continue it again this year.
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5 Step Heating Unit Service

1- Clean the burner fan assembly and housing.

2- Replace the oil line filter and clean the canister.

3- Brush and vacuum the heat exchanger, flue pipe and base.

4- Clean or replace the fuel pump filter.

5- Free evaluation of your heating unit's performance and fuel burning economy.


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