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The Tremarco Service of today has its roots in the days of coal boilers as oil burners were becoming more popular in residences. George Tremarco was in the coal delivery business in Essex and Bergen Counties when he moved to the fuel oil delivery model for his livelyhood. Along with this move, the service aspect of the new oil business became an integral portion of the business.
It was about that time George's 12 year old nephew Peter Kaslaitis, discovered what would eventually become his life's vocation. Pete was too young to drive delivery vehicles but helped his uncle with all aspects of the service business, learning from the ground up.

As Pete grew with the business his responsibilities increased so when his uncle retired in 1978, the business became Peter's. He expanded the business, moving to Highland Lakes, in Sussex County, with his new wife Debbie in 1983.

As Tremarco Fuel grew, the number of employees increased to include the need for oil delivery, service techs and office clerical personell. The first to be included in the roster was Pete's brother Paul. He came with experience in the oil burner service field so it was an easy transition for the two men.

From then on the company continued to grow ultimately being taken over in 1991 by John Fredricks Fuel from Oakridge, NJ. Pete worked for Fredericks untill 2007 when he went back into his own Tremarco Service, but without the fuel oil delivery part of the business. In the years following, Pete's son Sean has become a valued member of the service team as a factory trained technician.


From the top:
Uncle George (L) and unnamed employee.

Pete completing a new boiler installation.

Recently recovered oil delivery ticket dated March,1968, with fuel oil priced at $.16 per gallon.

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