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Home heating systems not only keep us comfortable in winter, they also keep our homes' plumbing from freezing up during sever weather conditions. Whether your heating system goes down or the wood stove prevents its proper operation, your home is left to the mercy of the weather.

A few good preventative measures would be to have Tremarco Service install antifreeze in your hot water baseboard heating system to help prevent freezeups in the event of a no-heat condition or power failure. This will help stop the heating pipes from bursting as well as providing immediate heat to each zone when the heat is restored. Adding an alarm system that will advise of a no-heat condition could insure other water systems within your home will not become subject to failure.

A zone without heat in it is the first warning sign of a frozen pipe and should be addressed immediately. Tomorrow could be too late so restoring the heating system function is of high priority. Once the water in a hydronic heating system freezes in your baseboard unit, it blocks the flow of water in that heating zone. This blockage now allows the frozen spot to expand and split the piping that brings the heat into the room.

If the house is left without heat for an extended period, the entire domestic water system can freeze, bursting pipes, cracking toilets and generally wreaking havoc. In some homes, a couple of hours is all it takes. Once the pipe is thawed, water now rushes out of the split and floods the room's walls and floors. Unstopped, this water can ruin multiple rooms as it drains into other levels of the house.

Thawing a pipe, or a whole house, requires professional assistance and in most cases is covered by homeowners insurance. A review of your policy or contact with your insurer would give a definitive answer to this issue.

Freeze alarms consist of a module that plugs into the wall and is connected to a telephone line in your home. Within the module is a programmable thermostat that will monitor the room temperature. If the room drops to the preset temperature the module will dial any telephone number you previously entered and notify of a problem. Unit capabilities vary among models. Some are able to dial one telephone number while other units can dial many more including landlines and cellphones.

Alarm systems can protect your largest investment, your home, while at the same time, protecting your family from a lack of heat when it is most needed. To help prevent this freezing problem, the use of an electronic freeze alarm system is highly recommended by Tremarco Service especially for houses not occupied all the time, vacation homes and rentals.

Contact the office for more detailed information and pricing for the units available that will best suit your needs.



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